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Are you ready to fast-track your face painting career? Maybe you have lots of questions but feel discouraged by everything there is to learn? Have you wanted to attend a workshop but found the barrier of distance and cost too much?

At last, there is an easy and affordable solution and I’m super excited to extend this opportunity to you via the International Face Painting School.

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Make these three simple steps and join the community of successful face painters!

1. Check out the Curriculum with the features of each of the two packages available and decide what will work the best for you — self-education (Professional Package) or coaching with me as your mentor (Elite Package).

Course Curriculum —

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2. Right after you've picked a suitable package enroll by making a full payment or subscribe for one of our split-payments plans. After your payment is done, you will get immediate access to the Course content.

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3. Check your inbox and make sure that you received a welcome letter from the School. Also, don't forget to carefully read the introduction at the beginning of the Course where you'll find useful instructions.

Course Curriculum

Evaluation test.
Webinar "Part One of the Course".
PART TWO: TECHNIQUES — Introduction.
Module 1 — Working with paints. Paint activation and loading, paint consistency for different types of work.
Module 9 — Building your own setup. Outdoor gigs. Most comfortable body postures for painting. Displaying face painting designs for different gigs.
PART THREE: DESIGNS — Introduction.
Module 3 — Light and shadow in face painting, creating realistic 3D objects.
Final Exam and Graduation (ELITE only).
Olga Murasev
Olga Murasev

About the instructor

Professional face painter and body artist, international instructor and judge, founder of the International Face Painting School.